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Getting Rid of Unsightly Lumps: My Lipoma Wand Review

unsightly lump

I first heard about the Lipoma Wand treatment from a friend living in Arizona. I was visiting for the fall, which is like everyone else’s summers when you’re living in the American southeast. 

One day we decided to go swimming at this friend’s house, and they had a few guests over for a BBQ. This made me uncomfortable because I’ve had a lump on my side for a while. It makes me self-conscious to let people see the lump. I was already told it wasn’t cancerous and shouldn’t be a problem unless it starts to feel uncomfortable from pushing on any nerves.

The problem was no one at my primary care office back home in Michigan knew how to treat the lipoma without cutting it off. I do not like having any kind of surgical procedure, even if it is the simplest in the world. So, imagine my surprise when my Arizona friend suggested I read up about alternative treatments. That is when I came across a Lipoma Wand review just like this one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually not a fan of reviews because they always feel a bit rehearsed. However, the idea of being able to use a wand to gently massage the lipoma fatty tissue and finally get rid of the problem all in the comfort of my own home was incredibly attractive.

I decided to place an order and see if that Lipoma Wand review was honest or not. Within a week, I had my delivery sitting on my doorstep. There were easy-to-follow instructions, and I was able to start my first 15-minute treatment that very day.

First, let me just say that the Lipoma Wand is incredibly easy to use. It uses ultrasound frequency combined with a far infrared heat treatment for a homeopathic approach to reducing lipoma lumps. I can still remember my bump getting smaller after that second treatment.

You can use some ultrasound gel, KY jelly, or the included jelly from the company when performing the treatment. It took about five weeks to get my lipoma down to a hardly noticeable level. I kept using the Lipoma Wand for around three months before feeling I had gotten the lump down as much as possible.

I highly recommend you explore many of the other Lipoma Wand reviews available online, but to be honest, I was convinced after that trip to Arizona. 

This is a much more affordable treatment than invasive surgery, which can sometimes costing as much as $5,000! You also don’t get any of the leftover scars. Not to mention the convenience of the device. You can complete the entire process for 15-30 minutes a day at home while catching up on your favorite streaming show.

If you like my Lipoma Wand review and want to give the device a try. Talk to the team at ZTG. That is where I picked up my Lipoma Wand because they have more than a decade of experience in homeopathic medical devices. 

I cannot thank them enough for the boost in self-confidence I get whenever I get ready to go swimming now without trying to cover up any unsightly lumps. Simply put, the Lipoma Wand is a quick and easy method to eliminate your lumps without the cost or scars from surgery. So why wouldn’t you want this kind of solution?

Drew Jordon

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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