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Know About Lipoma – Causes, Symptoms & Natural Treatment


Do you know what a Lipoma actually symbolize? It is generally considered as an obscure term, as many of us don’t recognize it due to its painless essence and it does not cause any trouble to a person. Lipoma generally arises when the lump of fat tissues begin to expand over specific parts of the body including arms, neck, shoulders, back, and upper thighs.

A Lipoma is ordinarily found in the middle-age of a person, i.e. 40-60, and they are considered as non-cancerous growth of tissues. Some people also suffer from multiple Lipomas in their lifetime. We will discuss the need for Lipoma treatment further in this section.

What are the Causes and Symptoms of Lipoma?

There is no recognized cause of Lipoma’s existence till date. However, a Lipoma is believed to be a genetic result and typically run in families. Its existence also can be due to any physical injury, trauma or infection to a person. Lipoma can be recognized as a fatty lump over the specific areas as discussed above.

Some of the common symptoms of Lipoma are: 

  • A very delicate touch of a fatty lump which is movable with a finger too. 
  • The size of the fatty tumor, in general, is near about 2 inches wide. It is less than 5 cm in size
  • The fatty lump can be either pale or colorless
  • The occurrence of these fatty tumors is just under the skin

What is the need of Lipoma Treatment?

The above discussion shows that Lipoma is inoffensive and the treatment can be overlooked. But in some cases, these fatty lumps start expanding at a quick rate in a size bigger than the usual. But this is not the alone reason! Some of us get frustrated with the ugly look of these fatty tumors and want to get rid of the annoyance caused due to it.

Besides these general reasons, fatty lump removals become necessary in cases of pain, discomfort, or when it starts affecting nearby nerves or muscles.

How one can get rid of Lipoma?

While diagnosing Lipoma, you will come across the surgery process as it is the suggested one. Surgery comes with various risk factors including excessive blood loss, infections, high costs and long recovery time. But don’t worry as it is not the only way to cure Lipoma!

Aside from the surgery process, the preferred & suggested option, you can opt for various other home remedies which are introduced as to cure fatty lumps without ensuring any medical procedure. Some herbal treatments like turmeric, flaxseed oil, chickweed, apple cider vinegar, lemon water, regular diets, and exercise are the good alternatives to get rid of this ugly Lipoma. 

Is there any other natural remedy for Lipoma?

If you are wondering if there is any Lipoma natural treatment, there is a big YES! With the advancement of technologies in the medical & healthcare industry, a modern approach which is introduced as the best home treatment for Lipoma. Lipoma Wand, a portable device, has come up as an effective solution for getting rid of ugly Lipoma, and that too in a banal way. Lipoma Wand is a completely non-surgical approach for treating Lipoma! How? Let’s discuss this in detail.

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