Is the Lipoma wand the same wand as the chin wand? My Lipoma is shrinking after two uses I can notice a dramatic difference and most importantly I no longer have pain. Thank you very very much!


Great for Lipomas! Reduced mine from a golf ball to a small bump in a few weeks


Fast delivery and fast results. I’m happy with it.


Paying attention to myself is not something that I frequently do, considering I’m a single mother of three and hardly have time to give to myself. Whatever extra time and money I have, I spend on my children. This is why when I identified a Lipoma growing on the inside of my arm, I was View Full →


I am a fitness-freak, and do a lot of exercise as a form of therapy for myself as I often like to indulge in cardio and strength-training. One day when I was running, I felt my shoe press up against my ankle, and I felt shooting pain in it. When I removed my shoe, I View Full →


I noticed a small lump growing near my collar bone right when I started college a few years ago. I ignored it at first, thinking it would go away with time. However, it only progressed since then and became larger and started to harden at the spot. In the middle of the night, I would View Full →


My mother had been diagnosed with a lipoma her her hand, which was extended towards the carpal tunnel, and it was a complex surgery as the surgeon had already advised us that it could affect the median nerve and which could lead to loss of sensation in the lateral three fingers. As my mother is View Full →


I am an editor at a firm, and I have a 9-5 desk job, which was fine until the lipoma under my thigh started to hurt and cause a lot of discomfort and problem for me. I couldn’t sit long hours on my leg because of that lipoma, and the interruptions made my work slower. View Full →