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What are the most common questions about Lipoma?

common questions

What are the most Common Questions people ask about Lipomas?

According to Lipoma Center in Los Angeles, the immediate reaction to most people developing a Lipoma on their body is to ask a multitude of the number of questions to know better about what it is and what it can do. Some frequently asked questions about Lipomas are:

What Are Lipomas?

Lipomas are generally just an overgrowth of fat cells.  They are known to be fat growths or lumps that often find their way between the skin and the underlying layer of muscle beneath it, developing into soft or hard nodules. They are labeled to be benign tumors by many doctors, so they are harmless.

How do they occur?

Lipomas are sometimes considered to be genetic, and inheritance of faulty genes from one or both parents can cause lipomas to grow. Certain medical conditions can also promote the growth of lipomas, while physical trauma or injury to a certain part of the body can cause fatty lumps to form as a result of the impact.

Why should they be removed?

Lipomas can be painful at times, especially if they are located near nerves or on a joint. Lipomas can become inflamed or infected, in some cases, even forming a bad-smelling discharge. Lipomas may also dictate wardrobe choices as they are visible and grab attention, making the need of Lipoma removal essential.

Where are they mostly present?

Lipomas may develop on any part of the body, but areas like the neck, torso, upper arms, upper thighs, and armpits are most susceptible to having a Lipoma grow on them.

How are they treated?

The only solution to Lipomas is often thought to be steroid injections or surgery, in which fatty lumps removal is applied. However, Lipoma removal without surgery is often thought to be a much more viable option and considered to be a new treatment for Lipomas in the form of a Lipoma Wand. 

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