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Are Lipomas Harmless? Go for Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal

lipomas harmless

Are Lipomas Harmless?

If you are suffering from a lipoma, you will be glad to know that they are harmless and, in most cases, completely painless. When they are painful, it is because they are too close to a nerve or muscle. The biggest fear that those with lipomas face is that they are cancerous. That fear is unfounded; if it is a lipoma, they are benign and will not develop into cancer. If, however, the issue is a liposarcoma, then these are cancerous.

How to Get Lipoma Treatment without Surgery

A lipoma is caused by a build-up of fatty tissue that develops into growth just under the skin. The growth is removable if the patient is experiencing any discomfort or pain. However, most removals are done because the patient is embarrassed by the lump. When removal is required, the patient will need to see a plastic surgeon to ensure that the skin area is left looking exactly how they would like it.

How can a Lipoma be Removed?

There are several options for lipoma removal. The most popular is the surgical removal of the fatty tissue. This is achieved by cutting out the lump and stitching the wind shut. The operation can Leave the patient with a large scar that is susceptible to infection. The incision site may be vulnerable to bleeding and bruising. The surgery also has risks that are associated with anesthetics, like drowsiness and nausea.

The other surgical option is to cut the lipoma open and squeeze out the fatty tissue. This can be extremely painful and is often performed under a local anesthetic. After the adipose tissue has been removed, the wound is closed with either stitches or staples. Like the other lipoma removal surgery, this has several potential side effects that may affect the patient. Bleeding, bruising, infection, and itchiness are all possible after having this procedure.

Are There Non-Surgical Removal Options for Lipomas?

One non-surgical lipoma removal option is to have them injected with phosphatidylcholine/sodium deoxycholate. This will break down the fatty tissue causing the lipoma. Also known as Lipodissolve, this technique can leave the patient in pain at the injection site. This technique is often adopted to treat overly fat areas of the body like double chin and cellulite. The problem is that the injection site can become bruised and, in some cases, inflamed from the injection.

Liposuction is another non-surgical lipoma removal option for patients. A needle is inserted into the fatty tissue, which is then sucked out. This is an effective removal option, but it does have some side effects to consider. Some of the side effects that can be experienced from the liposuction procedure are:

  • Infection
  • Numbness
  • Skin irregularities
  • Internal Puncture
  • Accumulation of fluid

However, there is one lipoma removal option available in the market that leaves no side effects. The Lipoma Wand that is available on this site is ideal for removing lipomas. The Lipoma wand will leave the patient with no side effects, unlike other removal techniques. Patients experience a shrinking of the lipoma after only one use. When used with the Lipolysis Jelly, the wand effectively removes the lipoma with no trace. What has made the Lipoma wand such a huge success is its ease of use, unlike many treatments that require great effort. The Lipoma wand is simple; after about a 20-minute massage, the patient will start to see a significant difference in the growth size. After a few uses, the lipoma will be gone entirely, but there will be no scar and no recovery time, unlike surgery. Patients who have used the Lipoma wand and Lipolysis jelly have not been disappointed in just how effective they are at removing lipomas.

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