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Best Home Remedy to Melt Your Hands & Feet Lumps Without Surgery


Lipomas present as the most common tumor in the body. More common in obese individuals; these benign soft tissue neoplasms typically develop in the 4th to 7th decade of life. However, fatty lumps or Lipoma are rarely found in children. Usually appears on the upper body parts like the neck, shoulders, chin, forearms, & upper thighs, etc. But when these fatty tumors develop on your hands & feet you feel a soft or doughy pouch on your skin that is movable with a slight finger touch. People raise eyebrows when they notice fatty lumps & this push you to choose the best Lipoma treatment without surgery like Lipoma Wand.

What are the Symptoms of Hands & Feet Lipoma?

Following are the symptoms:

  • Remain the same size over years or grows slowly
  • Are movable & have a soft, rubbery, & consistency.
  • They are usually small from 1-4 cm.
  • Grows underneath the skin.
  • Do not cause pain to the hands or feet while doing some activities.
  • Rare chances of conversion into cancer cells.

Are Fatty Tumors, Associated with any Medical Condition?

Fatty tumors or Lipoma have been associated with several medical conditions like diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, hyperlipidaemia, Madelung syndrome, & mitochondrial dysfunction, etc. Even a role of metabolic dysfunction in the development of Lipomatous neoplasms is also noticed.

Talking about Lipoma in hands & feet, Lipomas were once believed to be rare in the upper extremity but now are considered common among soft tissues on these body parts. Development typically begins with an initial insidious growth period followed by a prolonged & latent maintenance state.

The huge role of familial Lipoma can’t be ignored as Lipoma is passed through generations. So, several medical conditions & familial Lipoma are the prominent reasons for fatty tumor development. But don’t worry! Fortunately, Lipoma treatment without surgery is available for you.

How are These Fatty Tumors or Lipomas Diagnosed?

Understandably, there is a need of diagnosed with fatty tumors or Lipoma. Providers usually diagnose Lipoma during a physical examination & it is possible via ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scan, or computed tomography (CT) scan.

There are chances that fatty tumors can convert into cancer. If you have any doubt then ask your doctor for a biopsy to confirm that the Lipoma isn’t cancer. During this procedure, your provider removes a sample of the Lipoma & sends it to a lab for testing.

The above tests will present a clear picture of you whether these fatty tumors are cysts, cancer cells, or Liposarcoma. It can also help identify the Lipoma’s location & how deep it is if it has blood vessels & whether pressing against nerves or other tissues.

How to Melt Your Hands & Feet Lipoma with Home Remedy?

No matter, where Lipoma has located; the best Lipoma treatment without surgery – Lipoma Wand available to offer you convenient treatment. This portable device is efficient & effective to melt your hands & feet Lipoma or fatty cells with its quick massage therapies. Patients who wish to remove Lipoma find that surgical treatment is the only solution but that’s not true. Trust natural approach – Lipoma Wand & make your skin fatty lump-free. Unlike other treatments, this device is known for offering safe, non-invasive & painless treatment at your convenience. Using this natural approach means you’re stopping the occurrence of fatty lumps on your skin & making it scarless.

So, what’s holding you up!

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