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Best Treatment for Lipoma: Lipoma Wand

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For those with lipomas, it is an annoying, unsightly condition that most people want to treat and remove right away. Interestingly enough, the best treatment for lipoma in terms of effectiveness, side effects, and convenience is not surgical, but rather a lipoma treatment at home that is quickly gaining traction for its effectiveness.

But before you start using this product, it pays to understand what a lipoma is before getting to know the treatment itself.

What is Lipoma?

This is a tumor which is benign and consists of fatty tissue that is usually around an inch in circumference, perhaps larger or smaller depending on the amount of tissue that is present. Lipoma usually forms just under the skin along the shoulders, upper back, and sometimes the torso or abdomen area.

The people most likely to be affected are men ranging in age from 40 to 60 years old. Most people will have one or two lipoma tumors, some will have more. The cause of lipomas is not quite clear, but the risk factors include the following

– Family History
– Lack of Exercise
– Obesity

It takes a physical examination to diagnose a lipoma, which usually requires a biopsy of the tissue or medical imaging to confirm. It should be noted that the presence of lipoma poses no health danger to the person afflicted, but they can be considered unsightly.

There are different processes of removing a lipoma ranging from simple exercise to burn away the fat to surgery which includes liposuction. However, there is a treatment that offers a non-invasive means of reducing and ultimately removing the lipoma.

Best Lipoma Treatment Option

The lipoma wand is considered the best lipoma treatment at home products on the market today. By taking a different approach to dissolving the fatty tissues, this particular treatment offers the rare combination of being safe, effective, painless, and harmless to the body.

Using the lipoma wand is simple enough. You start by rubbing a natural oil over the area where the lipoma tumor is present, then you rub the wand back and forth on the skin for a pre-determined length of time. Once the treatment is complete, you’ll notice that the tumor has shrunk in size. This is because the fatty tissues have been considerably reduced or dispersed.
It generally takes more than a single treatment to fully dissolve the lipoma tumor, but it will go away once all the fat has absorbed back into the body. The advantages for the lipoma wand treatment are several: 

– Fast & Effective
– No Surgery or Difficult Exercises
– No Unwanted Side Effects
– Best Treatment for Lipoma at Home

It’s common to experience some bruising when using the wand if not enough oil is used or if too much pressure is applied. However, a slight bruising of the skin and a little soreness over the area is all that most people will experience.

The wand is also inexpensive and will last for years, meaning that you can use it again if the lipoma should form on your body once more. The Lipoma wand is the best treatment for lipoma available as a home product. It is safe, effective, and inexpensive, making it the right choice for lipoma treatment at home.

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