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How to Get Rid of a Lipoma Without a Surgery

Lipomas are growths that appear just underneath the skin. In most cases, the lumps are painless, but there are instances when they will be painful. If the lipoma is too close to a nerve or sensitive area of the body, it can cause the patient some pain and discomfort. The biggest concern that people who […] ...

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Get Rid of a Lipoma Without a Surgery

Get to Know Risk Factors of Lipoma. How it Can be Removed?

Who is at Risk of Developing Lipomas? Lipomas are a painless lump that develops just under the skin. These lumps are non-cancerous and painless in most cases. No one is immune from lipomas, but certain people are more at risk than others. There has been no confirmed cause of lipoma development; however, there are numerous […] ...

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What is a Lipoma? What are the causes and treatment options?

What is the Nasty Looking Lump on Your Back? So, you were jumping out of the shower when you noticed a large lump on your back. You have no idea how long you may have had it because it doesn’t hurt when you touch it. The biggest problem with this lump is that it is […] ...

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What are the causes and treatment options

Are Lipomas Harmless? Go for Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal

Are Lipomas Harmless? If you are suffering from a lipoma, you will be glad to know that they are harmless and, in most cases, completely painless. When they are painful, it is because they are too close to a nerve or muscle. The biggest fear that those with lipomas face is that they are cancerous. […] ...

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Are Lipomas Harmless?

What Do I Do if I Have a Lipoma?

If you have developed a lipoma on your body, there is no need to panic. A lipoma is a build-up of fatty tissue just under the skin. The adipose tissue will develop into a lump that is doughy to the touch, and unless it is impeding a nerve, it is entirely painless. Before you even […] ...

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Lipomas Treatment Naturally