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Effective Lipoma Treatment at Home – Check out Non-Invasive Solutions

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A lipoma tumor is typically benign and consists of body fat. This means that having lipoma on the back, shoulders, or anywhere on your body is not inherently harmful. While the causes for a lipoma are not clear, there does not appear to be any health risks in having this condition. However, for those who do have a lipoma under armpit, on the back, or other areas of the body, it can be considered unsightly.

Removing the lipoma traditionally means surgery or liposuction. While minimally invasive, these methods of lipoma removal come with some risks and side effects. Your skin and body must recover from the surgery, there is a chance for infection, and the cost of having the procedure can be high. That is why more people are looking into effective lipoma treatment at home that is safe, effective, and has a minimal cost.

Diet & Exercise
While the fatty tumor or lipoma is different in shape and position compared to the fat that is located around your waist, hips, and buttocks, it’s still made of fat which means that it responds to diet and exercise.

A healthy diet that reduces the chances for the body to build up reserves of fat combined with proper exercise is a good approach. Whether it reduces or eliminates the lipoma is another matter. This is because that the formation of lipoma is still not well understood.

However, there is a device you can use that has proven to be quite effective in reducing or eliminating a lipoma. It’s simple, easy to use, non-surgical and cost effective.

Why Choose the Lipoma Wand?
There are good reasons why the wand is the best investment you can make to treat a lipoma on back, lipoma on shoulders, or other areas of the body. For many, the wand has proven to be quite effective and an excellent alternative to surgical procedures.

Direct: Unlike exercise which may or may not burn away the fat inside the tumor, the wand is placed directly over the lipoma. Using oil to protect the skin, the wand is moved back and forth in a vigorous fashion for about 30 minutes. Even after the first treatment, you should see the lipoma considerably reduced in size.

Inexpensive: The cost of the lipoma wand is quite reasonable and perfect for those who suffer from this condition. This means that if a fatty tumor should appear again, you can use the wand immediately for a direct treatment. Even if only used once, the lipoma wand pays for itself thanks to its remarkable effectiveness. But the device is built for years of use.

If you prefer a lipoma treatment at home as opposed to traditional surgical options, then the lipoma wand is for you. When you have lipoma on the back, lipoma under armpit, or any other location on your body, the wand works effectively to reduce and eliminate the fatty tumor after just a few treatments.

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