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How to Get Rid of a Lipoma Without a Surgery

rid of lipoma

Lipomas are growths that appear just underneath the skin. In most cases, the lumps are painless, but there are instances when they will be painful. If the lipoma is too close to a nerve or sensitive area of the body, it can cause the patient some pain and discomfort. The biggest concern that people who develop lipomas have is whether they are cancerous or not. Lipomas are benign and are not a sign that the sufferer has any form of cancer. If the patient has developed a liposarcoma, then this is a cancerous lump. Liposarcomas are more common in men than in women. Lipomas and liposarcomas can look very similar, and a doctor’s diagnosis will be required to tell the difference.

Even though lipomas are harmless, people who have them usually want them removed. The most common way to remove a lipoma is to have an operation. The problem with surgery is that it can leave the patient with a scar prone to infection. When you have surgery to remove a lipoma, there is a risk of disease and a possible issue with bleeding.

Non-Surgical Lipoma Removal

Non-surgical liposuction is another option for lipoma removal. The procedure involved inserting a needle into the lipoma and sucking out the fatty tissue. This option, although practical, will leave the patient in some pain and discomfort. There is also a risk of nerve damage if the lipoma is in the vicinity of one. Liposuction is also known to leave bruising on the body once the lipoma is removed. When liposuction is used to remove fatty tissue from the body, it can leave the skin droopy, and this ofttimes requires removal of some kind.

The most effective option for lipoma removal without surgery is the use of the Lipoma wand and Lipolysis jelly together. The Lipolysis jelly allows the wand to penetrate the lipoma attacking the issue at the source. As the product manager, Jeremy Madvin says,” the Lipoma Wand is great non-surgical option for reducing lipomas.”

The Lipoma wand is proven to reduce the growth size after only one use and eliminate the issue after a few weeks of consistent use. On top of that, the wand and jelly are inexpensive and are easy to use. Unlike other removal options, there are no side effects of the wand or jelly to the user. Not to mention these items can be used as many times as needed on multiple lipomas.

Who is at Risk of Lipomas?

No one is immune from lipomas, and they can affect you at any age; however, they are more common between the ages of 40 and 60. There is a genetic connection to lipomas, with generation after generation being prone to developing them. People who have high cholesterol or are obese are also at a higher risk of developing lipomas.

There is also more chance of developing lipomas if you are suffering from Cowden syndrome, Gardner’s syndrome, Madelung disease, or adiposis dolorosa. Lipomas are quite common, with one in every thousand people developing one at least once in their lifetime.

If you do wake up to a lump or growth anywhere on your body, don’t panic. The chances are that it is a lipoma and can be removed safely with no hassles using the Lipoma wand. There is just no need to go through an operation when you can use the products from this site with a record of success. Most people like to avoid having to undergo a surgical procedure whenever possible; utilizing the Lipoma wand and Lipolysis jelly give you non-surgical lipoma removal.

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