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Is Non-Surgical Double Chin Fat Removal a Good Option?


A Double Chin refers to the extra amount of submental under chin fat that results in abnormal chubbiness in the jaw area. Extra submental fat can make people look overweight and older. In addition, a double chin can result in self-consciousness and a lack of confidence as it alters the look of the face and profile. A non-surgical double chin removal includes noninvasive treatments that help to precisely break the fat cells in specific areas to decrease the size of hypodermic fat pockets.


What are the common causes of sagging under the chin area?


This is the prime cause of double chin. As we age, two things happen that worsen our double chin.

Initially, the double chin fat results from slowing metabolism as we age.

Secondly, we have sagging neck skin because of a loss of collagen. Many studies have shown that the loss of collagen occurs at the rate of 1-2% per year. Loose under-chin and neck skin is also a cause of prominent double chins.



The second common cause of a double chin is genetic. More than 50% of people with double chins are of a young age is because of their jaw and chin structure.

Asians are more likely to have a “small” chin, also known as the receded chin.

A “small” chin even has small double chin fat pockets that may appear more prominent over time. If you have a “small” chin you might require dermal fillers to outline your chin and attain a stronger jawline.

Another genetic cause of the double chin is family history. It is very common to see mothers and daughters suffering from a similar issue of double chin fat.


Diet and lifestyle

An unhealthy diet like a high fat, high caloric diet worsens your double chin due to increased fat accumulation. Coupled with an inactive lifestyle, this is one of the most common causes of double chin fat.

Things like sun-bathing increase the sun damage to your neck skin. This results in skin thinning and collagen loss that results in the loose of the under-chin and neck area.



Modifying the posture is the fastest yet hardest way to affect the appearance of a double chin. Why is this so?

If you have a double chin due to “hunching” or “slouching,” you can easily improve the double chin instantly by having a more erect posture.

However, it is hard to keep up this and requires correction to uphold a good posture.


Non-Surgical Solutions for Double Chin Treatment

If you prefer not having surgery to correct your double chin, some non-surgical double chin fat reduction options are available, including injections, skin tightening, and Double Chin Wand.


Benefits of non-surgical fat reduction

  • Little or no downtime is required
  • No scars, anesthesia, or incisions
  • Side effects are negligible for most patients
  • Gradual onset of results lets patients be discreet the treatments
  • Results last as long as a patient upholds their weight


Double Chin Injections

Numerous injections are designed for anti-aging purposes that help reduce a double chin. This injectable treatment uses deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cells in your skin. The process is permanent, but results are seen about three months later.


Skin tightening

Skin tightening treatments use thermal energy to target the fatty cells. This non-surgical double chin removal treatment must be performed more than once for better results.


Double Chin Wand 

The Double Chin Wand is a non-surgical double chin fat reducer that can reduce the size of fat cells from the jawline area. This process uses far-infrared and ultrasound technology held against the skin that work to empty fat cells. This means, the wand can effectively flatten the fat cell. Like skin tightening, this non-surgical double chin fat reduction wand takes up to three months for results be measurable.

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