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Know How Lipoma Can Be Treated Without Surgery

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Many people get weird lumps or knots get formed on some specific areas of the body and look attached to the skin but do not cause any pain or torture. These lumps are termed as Lipoma! They are managed to grow under the skin in the form of a mass of fat cells, enclosed by a layer of muscular tissues. Generally, people who are suffering from Lipoma begin to worry shortly, but they are gentle in most of the cases. Despite this, the fatty lumps have an ugly appearance which nobody likes on any part of their body!

What is Lipoma? 

Lipoma, in general, is defined as the delicate masses of fat cells, confined by a thin layer of muscular tissues. These fatty tumors often find their way between the skin and the underlying muscle below it. Or you can consider it as the overgrowth of fat cells! They are identified as benign tumors by health professionals and are harmless due to their non-cancerous growth. 

Though fatty lumps can be found at any part of the body, the specific areas of its occurrence include the chest, neck, thighs, armpits & shoulders. Most of the Lipoma cases found have found in the age between 40-60. 

Despite their harmless behavior, Lipoma can look ugly, cause pain, and grow in a large size than usual which makes Lipoma removal an essential need. 

What are the causes? 

The exact cause of Lipoma or its formation is still unidentified by the health professionals. However, there are some claims that are considered responsible for its occurrence. 

  • Lipoma can be considered as a genetic process and tends to be run in families. The inheritance of faulty genes from parents can cause Lipoma to occur.
  • Certain medical conditions like Gardner syndrome, Cowden syndrome, Cadiposis dosolora are also responsible for the growth of Lipoma
  • A person having physical injury or trauma to any part of the body also has high risks of Lipoma to the area. 


You may wonder what the need of Lipoma treatment is as they are painless! Its removal is not essential in every case, but most of the people prefer to have them removed. Ugly appearance in some specific parts, their unusual large growth and pain or discomfort makes you feel the need for the cure. They can even become cancerous over time due to the cancerous cells present in it. 

The management consists of observation and surgical processes for treating Lipoma. However, this process is related to its reoccurrence, infection risks, excessive blood loss, high costs, and other surgical risks while going through the surgical procedure for treating Lipoma.

Best Treatment for Lipoma

With the advancements in the health care industry, luckily we have an alternative to surgery which is introduced a safe, affordable, and home solution. Offering effective Lipoma removal without surgery, Lipoma Wand is a compact portable ultrasound and far-infrared device that helps to get rid of ugly fatty lumps.

Lipoma Wand slowly melts the fat cells present in the Lipoma tissue with its ultrasound and far-infrared waves. The continuous use of the device reduces the size of fatty lumps significantly and it also comes with self-heating jelly that intensifies its effectiveness. A perfect Lipoma treatment at home!

Why Lipoma Wand should be your best choice?

You need to agree on the aspect that Lipoma Wand edges high over surgical removal! This is not only because it comes as the most affordable approach, but also one solution that reduces the risks and sufferings of surgery procedure with no complications, side-effects or scars. Moreover, Lipoma Wand offers the reusable option in case of multiple Lipoma or recurrence making it a perfect solution for Lipoma removal without surgery.

What more? You don’t need to go through high expenses of surgery and can get the treatment within your budget! This is because Lipoma Wand is an economic range product that is capable of providing a safe and best treatment for Lipoma, in a painless way. An affordable and low-risk Lipoma treatment that is specially introduced for those who don’t adopt surgery for the fatty lump removals! Try the top natural Lipoma treatment without surgery on the market.

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