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Lipoma Removal- Try out These Natural Treatment Remedies for Fatty lumps

lipoma removal

Lipomas results due to overgrowing fat cells between the skin and the fibrous capsule and usually develop slowly. It is not a cancerous formation. So, there are fewer risks associated with such lump formation. Without any prediction, these fatty lumps can occur anywhere. Specially, you can see these formations at the torso, neck, upper thighs, upper arms, and armpits.

A lipoma formation process involves the deposition of fat. That is why you can detect it easily. Generally, lipoma lumps are soft, painless, and harmless. But still, if these lumps trouble you, you must remove them with the help of a doctor. Also, there are several lipomas natural treatment you can try out to get a better lipoma treatment at home without any surgery and any pain.

How does it look?

Lipomas are subcutaneous tumors that are rounded, soft, and lobulated. Commonly, these are small in shape. Moreover, these lumps can expand up to 6 cm. You can touch these lumps as they are soft. Also, you may not feel any pain in these popped-up fatty skin muscles. On touching these muscles, these get pressed in your skin.

Lipoma Treatment Techniques and Home Remedies:

In general, there is surgical treatment of lipoma available. But if you are not favouring painful procedures, you can go for the following options that support lipoma treatment without surgery.

Steroid injections:

Steroid injections can help to reduce the size of lipoma lumps. But unfortunately, this treatment is not for complete lipoma removal.


This treatment involves a needle and a syringe used to remove the fatty lump. Those who are looking out for a solution for lipoma without any danger can settle on natural cures.


Turmeric is a widely most common household spice, which is also known as Curcumin. It is an herbal remedy that can help you with lipoma removal at home naturally. Curcumin- the active ingredient of turmeric can reduce the size of these fatty lumps by shrinking them. If you want to use turmeric as the natural remedy for lipoma, you can apply it topically. Just mix out the turmeric powder with a small amount of olive oil and create the paste. Apply this paste to the area where a lump is present. Also, make sure that you cover the area with a clean cloth or bandage.


Thuja is a part of the cedar family and is an effective herbal remedy for lipomas. It can remove the lipoma lumps without any surgical procedure. It involves a complete natural lipoma removal at home. Commonly, it is a homeopathic treatment that cures lump formation and expansion.

To use this remedy, simply get the plant extract and mix it with water. After that, apply it to the impacted area of the body. Follow the procedure three times a day and also bring out some changes in the dietary pattern. Mainly, cut down the fat intake in your diet.


The sage plant is another natural remedy that can reduce the size of the lipoma. Mainly, sage has a natural proclivity to fat cells. So, when we apply it to the affected area, it naturally dissolves those fatty tissues and restricts the lipoma formation. Mainly, the sage plant can bring about effective fluid balance in the body. It can help in preventing the growth of lipomas.

Reduce the look and feel of lipomas With Lipoma Wand:

The Lipoma Wand is the best at-home lipoma treatment available. By adopting another and powerful strategy to scattering fatty tissue, the lipoma wand is safe, viable, and affordable.

Utilizing the lipoma wand is very basic.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Rub the exclusive and natural oil over the lipoma.
  • Rub the wand to and fro preposterous for around 20 minutes. After the complete treatment, the fatty tumor will seem more modest.
  • You should see progress after every meeting.


  • Easy to use
  • Natural treatment
  • Scar-free treatment
  • Reusable
  • Applicable anywhere on the body
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