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Lipoma Wand – A Natural Home Treatment

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A Lipoma is a slow growing fatty lump of inoffensive mass that is usually rubbery in nature. It most often occurs beneath your skin and found in the middle age people. Lipoma feels doughy and people usually also has more than one Lipoma in their lifetime. Lipoma is generally considered as non-cancerous and do not harm the body in either way.

What are the symptom and causes?

The occurrence of Lipoma can be found anywhere in the body. But how one can detect it?

  • When you find a fatty lump in areas like neck, shoulders, back, thighs or arms, it can be Lipoma
  • If the fatty tumor can be moved with finger press, it can be Lipoma
  • The size of Lipoma can be less than 2 inches in diameter, and can grow as well
  • It can sometimes be deeper and large in size too
  • They can even cause pain if grow or press on nearby nerves

When you feel the above symptoms, it might be the symptoms of Lipoma! The causes of Lipoma are not actually known and there can be any reason for its occurrence. It can be genetic, can cause due to injury or any infection in the body. Also people having disorders like adiposis dolorosa, cowden or Gardner’s syndrome have high risk of multiple Lipomas.

Treatment Options  

Though Lipoma does not cause any pain or discomfort, so the treatment is not required on a general basis. However, when you start feeling pain due to its effect on nerve areas, Lipoma removal becomes crucial. Some people also want to get rid of Lipoma due to its ugly appearance.

Want to get rid of Lipoma?

Well, doctors usually suggest surgeries for the Lipoma treatment. But these fatty lumps sometimes reoccur even after surgeries. Also people have to suffer long recovery time during surgeries and middle age people feel distressing while dealing with the risk of infections after surgeries. All these factors force the people to search and adopt natural remedies for Lipoma treatment.

What are the natural ways to get rid of Lipoma?

The fatty lumps can be cured with some of the natural products like turmeric, olive oil, flaxseed, chickweed, apple cider vinegar etc. without many efforts. Also, maintaining good heath by having good diet and regular exercise also reduces the risk of Lipoma.

One of the most trending treatments of Lipoma is through a portable device called Lipoma Wand. The device is an effective home treatment option for removal of these fatty lumps. Lipoma Wand offers a safe, decisive and effective ultrasound frequency in addition to strong & safe far infrared heat frequency. The device is very simple to use anywhere on the body. Moreover, you will not get any scars on your body due to its natural approach and can also reuse it for multiple Lipomas.

How to use this Wand?

Lipoma Wand can be used in a simple way and has following steps to follow:

  1. Rub the device and natural oil over Lipoma
  2. Next is to rub the wand back & forth position over Lipoma area for about 20 minutes. The size of Lipoma gets reduced after completion of treatment
  3. You should notice the progress after each session

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