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Zeta Discs

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Zeta Discs

Zeta Discs are to be applied over the lipoma with medical tape in the evening before going to bed. It can be worn all night, every night and will help apply pressure and far infrared to the localized area.

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Zeta Discs

Zeta discs originated as an alternative to the conventional heat & cold packs. Typically, they are used for fast relief from pain, swelling and surface injury. Zeta discs are available in 2 sizes -1” (small) and 1.5” (large). Being a user, you can place number of small discs around areas like knee or neck, or a single large disc to shoulder or back area. These discs can be secured using a band-aid or medical tape and are completely safe.

Features of Zeta discs

The major positive point of these discs is that it gives complete comfort to a person and is a great aid for stress respite, hand support and more. What are the other features it provides? Well, there are several points to answer this question. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. They feel completely natural to skin.
  2. They diminish the risk of burning skin.
  3. They’re smooth, thin and light in weight.
  4. Safe radiation without any cutoff.
  5. Non-restrictive and do not interfere with user’s flexibility.
  6. You can apply them anywhere on the skin either individually or in multiples.
  7. Small in size and can be worn discreetly under the clothing.

Why use Zeta discs?

Zeta Discs are so much convenient and is gaining popularity for the treatments of pain and muscle aches among people. There are diversified reasons of using these discs. Some of them are specified below.

  1. This disc is always ready to use – simply just anytime and anywhere.
  2. Not only heats but chills in seconds for fast contrast therapy.
  3. It is not necessary to pre-heat this disc for far infrared.
  4. This disc is portable, lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere.
  5. Discrete and very easy to wear. Can be secured with Tape, band-aid or under support wrap.
  6. You can wear these discs all day & night.

As a summary, it is a simple, innovative & natural solution in form of therapy for muscle pain or stress problems!!

20 reviews for Zeta Discs

  1. John Harry

    As a professional disc golfer, I rely on equipment that delivers consistent performance. Zeta Discs exceed my expectations with their durability and flight stability. They’ve helped me up my game and achieve better results on the course!

  2. Shane Quyam

    I’ve tried many products for my neck and shoulder tension, but the Zeta Discs are by far the best. They provide instant relief and help me stay relaxed throughout the day. A must-have for anyone with muscle tightness!

  3. Ellen Harry

    The Zeta Discs are a game-changer for my back pain! I use them daily and have noticed a significant improvement in my posture and comfort. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with back issues.

  4. Pieter Weilders

    Highly recommended for anyone looking for efficient solutions.

  5. John Oscar

    I’m impressed with their quality and functionality.

  6. William Hester

    I recently switched to Zeta Discs, and I’m very pleased with the results. They make quick work of tough materials and show minimal wear even after extended use. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.

  7. Lawrence Trotter

    Zeta Discs are fantastic! They provide clean, precise cuts and hold up well under heavy use. I’m very impressed with their durability and efficiency. Highly recommend them for any serious DIYer.

  8. Lisa Conover

    I’ve tried. Definitely worth the investment!

  9. Betty Southard

    A simple yet effective solution!

  10. Alyssa Odom

    Simple and effective treatment! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!

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