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What are Fat bumps Under Skin? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

fat bumps

If you are worried about fat bumps under skin then this blog will give you all the information about its occurrence, symptoms, causes & treatment.

Fat bumps & Lipoma both are the same. When fat bumps are stored at the same place then the patient suffers from these fatty bumps or Lipoma. Fat bumps can range from small to bigger & can appear anywhere on body parts like on the neck, shoulders, forearms & back. It is observed that patients who have Lipoma fatty history are more likely to suffer from this problem. So, when the fat cells gather at the same place then that place gets affected by fat bumps or Lipoma.

If you want to get a complete cure for fat bumps under skin or Lipoma then buy Lipoma Wand that is effective in treating these fatty cells.


Lipoma or fat bumps have the following symptoms:

  • Soft or doughy bump
  • Lipoma bump is easily movable
  • It can range from 2-5 cm
  • It can appear any of your body parts
  • It is made of fat cells
  • It is painless
  • Slow growing


Following are the causes of Lipoma:

  • Due to Lipoma family history
  • Physical injury
  • High cholesterol level
  • Gardner’s syndrome
  • Cow-den syndrome

Above are the reasons that become the reason of fatty bumps development but the exact causes are not known. That is why whenever you find fatty cells or Lipoma on your body then you should immediately seek for its treatment.

Do Age & Sex Cause Lipoma?

Yes, because if you are middle-aged or 40-60 years then there are high chances that you may suffer from Lipoma. Also, men are prone to Lipoma then women. Overall, both age & sex somewhere become the reason for forming fatty bumps on your skin.

Can You Left Lipoma Untreated?

Some people think that Lipoma does not need any treatment even they do not think to treat it. But it is a serious problem that can further develop in cancer. It is painful but when it is developed in the blood nerves then it is painless & bloody. If you think to leave it untreated then it can grow bigger in size & trouble you in the future.  So, it needs urgent home removal at home or a complete cure.

How to Diagnose Fatty Bumps Clinically?

However, fatty bumps are harmless or non-cancerous but there are high chances that these can turn into cancer. For getting it known, you can visit a doctor & go for a medical test. Even your doctor will suggest you for biopsy, X-Ray & scan etc. Moreover, your Lipoma affected area’s tissue can be taken for testing it whether its cancerous or not. So, these tests can give you depth clarity about fatty lumps.

What is the Best Fat Bumps or Lipoma Treatment at Home?

To give you a complete cure, Zeta Technology Group (ZETA) has designed an instant massage giving device – Lipoma Wand. This device is effective to dissolve or shrink fat bumps on your skin within 10-15 minutes. Lipoma Wand is an easy-to-use device & you do need any professional knowledge to use this device.

You just need to Lipoma Wand on the affected area for 10 minutes & continue its massage therapies until you get a complete cure. Once you use this device, you will notice the changes in Lipoma. It also saves you from surgery, gives you an affordable & convenient treatment at home.

Lipoma Wand also saves your precious time & money. For example, you do not need to spend huge money on Lipoma treatment & also not to go to doctor frequently. So, if you are also looking for the best Lipoma treatment without surgery then Lipoma Wand is the best homeopathic treatment.


Lipoma’s development is uncertain. Even it can trouble you more when you suffer from multiple fatty skin bumps at the same time. Lipoma Wand is designed to give effective relief in this uncertain problem.  You can easily use Lipoma Wand on the body parts, take its massage therapies & completely dissolve Lipoma cells. It is effective to dissolve Lipoma cells & stops the growth of Lipoma.

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