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What is Lipoma? Know Its Symptoms and the Natural Treatment Options


A brief about Lipoma

Do you have those ugly lumps on your body? That can be Lipoma! It is a slow-growing fatty lump that lies between the skin and the muscle layer of a person. These tumors mostly found among middle-aged people and the patient can also have one or multiple Lipoma in their lifetime. You can observe it as soft and doughy lumps or knots in the area of the neck, shoulder, arms, or upper thighs.

Is it cancerous? Not really!

Lipoma can’t be treated as cancer as it doesn’t harm a person in any way. Due to its harmless feature & slow growth, it becomes unrecognized most of the time and Lipoma removals are often overlooked. However, it sometimes makes people feel pain in it due to its quick growth in large size. In some cases, it starts effecting nerve area, causing uneasiness to a person. Such a condition makes you feel the need for Lipoma treatment and it should be removed before the condition becomes worse. The other reason responsible for its removal is the annoying look and feel of these fatty lumps which make a person feel frustrated and embarrassed.


The major query here arises is how one can identify Lipoma? They can arise anywhere on the body and the symptoms of Lipoma should be observed carefully. When it sometimes becomes painful, a person can easily feel that he or she is having Lipoma! Some of the symptoms are:

  • A person having Lipoma in his or her body can feel an oval-shaped lump under the skin.
  • Lipoma can be moved easily with slight finger pressure only due to its soft nature.
  • Basically, they are painless unless they grow near the nerve area or affect joints, organs & vessels.
  • A person having Lipoma may feel symptoms like vomiting, nausea or constipation.
  • Commonly small in size, Lipoma can grow big as well.


Are there any risk factors associated with it? Surprisingly, it has!

Although Lipoma is a non-cancerous tumor and is benign, it can lead to some complicated changes in the body of a person! These fatty lumps occur genetically and run in families. The risk factors involve the following:

  • It can lead to obesity or overweight to a person
  • High cholesterol issues during this tumor are common
  • A person can become diabetic during such a situation.

Is there any treatment of these fatty lumps?

Initially, surgery was the one and the only option recommended for the treatment of fatty lumps.But luckily, there are now many alternatives to surgery and there is a new & cheap approach designed for the natural cure. With this approach, you can reduce the look & feel of Lipoma very easily and effectively.

Best cure option

Lipoma wand is considered as the best treatment for Lipoma as it is safe, natural and delivers quick results within the first 30 minutes of use. It is very simple to use and offers some of the great features. The important features of the wand are as follows:

1. Easy to use.

2. The wand follows a natural approach and does not cause any side effects to the body.

3. As it doesn’t involve any surgical procedure, so the body will be free from scars or marks.

4. It can be reused for multiple Lipomas and you can use it for years.

5. Rub it anywhere in the body for 30 minutes to see the results.

Steps to use Lipoma wand

  • Rub the natural oil over the Lipoma area. It offers the best Lipoma treatment at home! 
  • Further rub the wand to and fro over that Lipoma for a period of 20 minutes. After the completion of treatment, the tumor will be reduced to a smaller size.
  • After each of the sessions, you can notice the change in reduced size. 

Now people don’t need to go surgeries to remove the fatty lumps but instead use this wand for Lipoma removal without surgery.  Not only to humans, but it can also provide painless treatment to your dogs as well. No pains, no sufferings, no scars and no side-effects at all!                                                        

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