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What is the Best Way to Remove Lipoma Non-Surgically?

A Lipoma is consist of fat, grows slowly over months or even years, & rarely harmful. You’d be surprised to know that it affects 1 in 1000 people & typically occurs in adults between the ages of 40 & 60 years. Fatty tumours or Lipoma range from 2 to 8 inches & develop between the skin & the underlying muscle. Most Lipomas are painless but some can be painful if they contain many blood vessels or if pressed on nearby nerves. Although the best non-surgical Lipoma removal treatment is available to treat one or multiple Lipoma at the same time.


Lipoma, a growth of fatty tissues under skin


They are more common in the middle-age, are usually painless, & most commonly appear on the upper back, shoulders, forearms, & abdomen, etc. However, the exact cause of Lipoma is still unknown but it is believed that they may be genetic, so if your parents or other family members had Lipomas then you may also be prone to developing them.


Are Middle-Aged People Prone to Lipoma?

A Lipoma is just an overgrowth of the skin due to the deposition of fat & therefore, can be detected easily. People of middle age 40 to 60 years are at a high risk of developing benign fatty lumps. Most of the Lipomas are small in shape, but at times they can grow almost to 6 cm. They can be single or multiple benign subcutaneous tumours which can be easily recognized since they are rounded, soft & lobulated. Middle-aged people, diabetic patients, & inactive people are at the risk of Lipoma development.


What Will Happen If I Ignore Lipoma at the Starting Stage?

Lipoma is a collection of fat cells that usually appears on the upper body parts. If you notice Lipoma in your body parts then you should not ignore otherwise it can spread to other body parts or increase in size. Additionally, you can diagnose it from a doctor if fatty tumours are increasing quickly, bleeding, looking ugly, or pressing the nerves organs. After diagnosing, you can have a clear picture of fatty tumours whether they are cancer-causing or not.


How to Diagnose Lipoma?

Your doctor may prescribe the following tests for Lipoma diagnosis.

  • Physical examination
  • Biopsy where there is a tissue sample removal for lab examination.
  • You may have an X-ray test or an imaging test like MRI & CT scans. These tests are performed when the Lipoma is large & having unusual features or seems deeper than usual.
  • A Liposarcoma is a malignant tumour of the fat cells. For this, biopsy, CT scans, & MRI could help differentiate a benign Lipoma from this condition.


What is the Best Way to Remove Lipoma Non-Surgically?



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