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When Do I Need to Remove a Lipoma?

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A lipoma is a benign tumor that is found in almost 1% of the population. It is the most frequently found soft tissue tumor in the body. Located in between the skin and the muscle, the fatty tissue build-up is not painful in most cases. In the majority of cases, the lipoma will just be left as they stop growing and cause no other issues. Removal of lipomas is only recommended when the lipoma is cancerous, continues to grow, causes movement, or puts a strain on the body’s functions. Some lipomas will develop too close to a nerve and cause discomfort; they need to be removed in that case.

How can lipomas be removed?

A lipoma is usually removed by surgery; open surgery is the most common. The surgeon will use a local anesthetic the surgically remove the fatty lump. This is done by making a small incision at the node’s sight and then removing the lump. The wound is close up using dissolvable stitches. This procedure can be painful and leaves the patient with an unsightly scar. Another option for lipoma removal is liposuction; the surgeon will need to make a small incision into the lipoma. Once the incision has been made, a tube is inserted, and the fatty tissue is then vacuumed out of the skin. Liposuction can leave the patient feeling numb and has other potential side effects, including pain at the sight of the incision, bruising possible bleeding, and a tingling sensation.

Another option for lipoma removal is to have them removed by laser. The use of a subdermal laser to remove a lipoma involves the laser making a small incision in the skin; the laser then breaks down the fatty tissue. Potential side effects include skin pigmentation and pain at the sight of the incision. There is also a chance that laser removal can cause skin irritation.

There is an option for non-surgical removal of lipomas that can be done at home. The Lipoma wand found at is said to be the best treatment available on the market. After a single 20 minute session, the lump will start to reduce in size and eventually be removed altogether. For the wand to be at its most effective, it should be used with the Lipoma jelly. The jelly is ideal for preparing the skin for the use of the Lipoma wand. What makes the combination of the Lipoma wand and jelly so appealing is their ease of use, effectiveness, and reasonable pricing. The wand can also be used on multiple lipomas and anywhere on the body.

How can you prevent lipomas from developing?

Lipomas are a build-up of fatty tissue often caused by obesity. One way of preventing them from developing is to eat a more balanced diet. Cutting out the excessive fats in your diet and eating a more balanced diet will reduce the risk of developing a lipoma. Daily exercise is another way to prevent a lipoma from developing. Only 30 minutes a day is proven to reduce the risk of obesity and, in turn, lower the chances of developing a lipoma. There is some evidence that excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause lipomas to build. Reducing the amount of alcohol drinking will also help to prevent lipomas from developing. Smoking cigarettes will also cause lipomas; it is also likely to make lipoma grow when they are present.

Overall, lipomas can be lived with, causing an unsightly lump on the skin to make people very uncomfortable. After researching numerous ways to remove a lipoma, the combination of the Lipoma wand and jelly is the most effective option.

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