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5 Ways for Lipoma Removals Without Surgery: All You Need to Know


Lipomas are benign tumors under the skin due to an accumulation of excess fatty tissues. These irregularly shaped lumps can happen anywhere on the body, but the most common areas include the shoulders, neck, chest, and thighs. Only in rare cases do they tend to appear in internal organs. Although lipomas are non-cancerous lumps, many people often search for ways to lipoma removals without surgery. The main reason is that it negatively affects their appearance and personality.

Lipomas are soft tissues and may slightly move inwards when someone presses them on the skin. It is a common problem in many middle-aged and older people. Approximately 1 out of every 1,000 people above the age of 40 has a lipoma.

Before diving into the non-surgical treatments for lipoma, we will provide every piece of information, such as anatomy, symptoms, risk factor, and causes of lipoma.

What is the Anatomy Behind Lipoma?

Lipomas are medically known as mesenchymal tumors. Usually, these deeper skin parts are not typically attached to underlying muscle fascia. Generally, lipomas are composed of adipose tissue and connective tissue stroma. The most common types of lipomas include:

  • Conventional Lipoma
  • Spindle Cell Lipoma
  • Atypical Lipoma
  • Pleomorphic Lipoma

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What Causes Lipomas in Humans?

Many medical experts are still unknown of the proven causes of human lipomas. However, around 3% of people acquire lipoma from the genetics of their ancestors.

Moreover, some experts are of the point of view that lipomas are an after-effect of some serious bodily injury.

Even though the most common lipoma-causing conditions include:

  • Madelung’s Disease: It is a rare medical disorder that results in huge lumps around the neck due to the excess accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • Gardner Syndrome: It is a type of polyposis resulting in the formation of multiple colon polyps-cancerous or non-cancerous tumors.
  • Dercum’s Disease: Unlike any other lipoma-causing conditions, Dercum’s disease forms painful lipomas.

These conditions, as mentioned above, are very rare to happen. Moreover, its symptoms are very different from normal lipoma.

What are the Common Symptoms of Lipoma?

Unlike causes, symptoms of lipoma are more wide-accepted among health experts. The most common symptoms of lipoma are as follows:

  • Abstract: Lipomas usually don’t spread to the tissues around them.
  • Painless: These fatty tumors are painless in 95% of lipoma-affecting people. However, some lipomas can cause pain and discomfort if the blood vessels are present.
  • Symmetrical: Most lipomas are usually round or oval-shaped benign tissues.
  • Loose: Lipomas move beneath the skin when you move them, and their mobility appears on the skin, too.

What is the common size of Lipoma?

Lipomas generally grow slowly over several months and years. Consequently, reaches a common size of around 2-3 centimeters. However, in some cases, it also reaches a size of more than 6 centimeters.

What are the Risk Factors for Lipoma?

Risk factors don’t necessarily mean you will experience lipoma, nor do they suggest that you will not. Generally, risk factors are the conditions that insist that you’re slightly more likely to experience a lipoma. The most important risk factor for lipoma includes the following:

  • Obesity: Obese people has a high chance of probability to develop lipoma as excess fatty tissues find the area to accumulate within the body.
  • Over Consumption of Alcohol: Excess consumption of alcohol and smoking also is significant risk factors for lipoma.
  • Gender: Cisgender men have a high chance than cisgender women of developing lipoma more likely.
  • Age: People over 40 are more likely to acquire a lipoma.
  • High Cholesterol and Diabetes: A person with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol level is more prone to lipoma.

What are the Lipoma Treatments Without Surgery?

Many cosmetic and surgical treatments for lipoma are available on the market, such as excision. During excision, a surgeon injects anesthesia into the tumor to numb the area. However, most people often prefer non-surgical or natural lipoma treatments over surgical ones. Following are the best five ways to lipoma removals without surgery:

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Healthy Diet:

Adding a healthy diet to your daily routine is the most natural treatment for lipoma removal. Make your balanced diet containing all important nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, chromium, and manganese. These nutrients contain anti-oxidants, which help to eliminate lipoma gradually. Moreover, completely avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.

Physical Exercises:

Besides regular aerobic exercise, lipoma-affected people must perform lipoma-cure-related physical exercises. Effective physical exercises for lipoma include:

  • Strength Training such as biceps curls, shoulder presses, triceps kickbacks, and squats
  • Yoga Postures such as Ustrasana (camel pose), vrikshasana (tree pose), and bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Pilates, including shoulder rolls, back extensions, and pelvic tilts.


Turmeric is a great ant-oxidant with fat reduction and inflammatory properties. Applying a turmeric mask 3-4 times a week provides effective results. Moreover, turmeric helps in the healing and deep cleaning of the skin. To use a turmeric mask, follow these steps:

  • Mix turmeric with any natural oil, such as olive oil or neem oil
  • Grind it well for good results.
  • After some time, apply it to the lipoma


Like turmeric, chickweed is also a superior anti-oxidant that acts against the accumulation of excess fatty tissues in the body. Chickweed is widely used in many ointments for various purposes. To treat lipomas naturally, you can either consume chickweed ointments or make a paste for direct use.

  • Take one tbs of chickweed to mix it with natural oil
  • Blend it well
  • Then, apply it to the affected area
  • Use four times a week for effective results

Innovative Massage Device:

An innovative massage device such as The Lipoma Wand is the best treatment for lipoma removals without surgery. It emits far-infrared and ultrasonic radiations directly beneath the skin to eliminate the excess fatty tissues. Moreover, it is very lightweight to carry anywhere. To use this Lipoma Wand, follow these steps:

  • Apply any natural oil or jelly
  • Massage with The Lipoma Wand on the affected area for 15 minutes
  • You will witness noticeable results after just one use.
  • Follow this routine over some weeks for effective results

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Bottom Line:

Lipoma is a common problem, but people want to eliminate it at any cost. However, the prices of surgical treatments are not accessible to most people. Therefore, these treatments, as mentioned above, provide effective results. The Lipoma Wand is undoubtedly the best treatment for lipoma removals without surgery. Visit our website to buy this innovative device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q-1. Which is the best lipoma treatment without surgery?

Ans: Massage with the Lipoma Wand is the most effective non-surgical treatment for lipoma. This innovative device emits far-infrared and ultrasonic radiations beneath the skin to eliminate fatty tissues. Massaging with this wand for 15 minutes daily provides effective results.

Q-2. Is Lipoma Dangerous?

Ans: Lipomas are the painless and non-cancerous fatty tissues accumulated behind the neck. In most cases, lipomas are painless and cause no effects on the body except your overall appearance.

Q-3. How to Remove a Lipoma Yourself?

Ans: There are many natural lipoma treatments, such as applying a turmeric mask, consuming chickweed ointments, and following a healthy diet. In addition, massage with the lipoma Wand is also an effective treatment to perform yourself.

Q-4. What is the new treatment for lipoma?

Ans: The Lipoma Wand is an innovative new treatment for lipoma. It has far-infrared and ultrasound technology to emit radiation directly within the skin. Massaging with this device for 15 minutes daily provides superior results.

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