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Affordable, Low-Risk Lipoma Treatment At Home

low risk lipoma

If you are struggling with the lipomas, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will break down the essential facts of lipomas, what they look like, the symptoms, the risks, and the treatment options available to you. 

What is a lipoma, and what are the most common symptoms?

Lipomas are small knots of fatty tissue found just under the skin and over your muscles all over your body. While doctors have theories about why and how lipomas develop, there are no known causes. They continue to grow slowly for years without treatment. 

Some lipomas can be painful or cause discomfort, mainly if they fall near or on a nerve. Most, however, are painless unless you put pressure on them. Many will move as you exert pressure, so don’t panic if you feel it slide around underneath your skin. 

Why Should You Avoid Surgery?

Lipomas are very rarely cancerous, which means that removing them is mostly for the sake of comfort and looks. While it can be crucial to have your lipoma tested to ensure it is not cancerous, lipomas pose no other medical issues. You could have elective surgery to remove it, but there are risks involved. Operations cost hundreds, if not thousands, more dollars than natural remedies, and they pose threats of infection, fluid buildup, and scarring. 

There are alternatives to undergoing a medical procedure, though. And they come at a fraction of the cost. 

Lipoma Wand: The Top Natural Lipoma Treatment without surgery on the Market

We understand that getting treatment for lipoma removal can be an incredibly important and personal process. That’s why we’ve developed a medical device designed to make the treatment and removal of your lipoma painless, affordable, and straightforward. The Lipoma Wand is the first treatment of its kind, safe, and seamless to use. Simply apply the preparatory jelly to the affected area, rub the Lipoma Wand over the area thoroughly for 20 minutes, and then wait.  

Our Lipoma Wand utilizes state of the art ultrasound and infrared technology that will safely reduce and ultimately eliminate your lipoma. Best of all, it can be used for as many lipomas as you need, so it is a worthwhile investment for your body and your bank account. 

There are several other natural remedies for Lipoma treatment in the market: turmeric ointments, sage and flaxseed oil mixes, and chickweed and tea-based salves, to name a few. You can also try things like reducing your red meat consumption and eating organically. Still, it is unlikely that they will completely dissolve your lipoma. While they might work well in conjunction with the Lipoma Wand, none will show the same stellar results of this revolutionary device. 

We want to help you look and feel at your best, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re tired of trying to cover up ugly lipomas on your neck, arms, torso, or anywhere else, it’s time to get the best treatment for Lipoma you need. 

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