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A Fantasitc at Home Treatment for Lipoma


Lipomas are slow-growing fat tumors that usually have a benign course of progression. These are painless, mobile, soft, masses that are found beneath the skin, anywhere on the body. The most common locations where lipomas are found include shoulders, upper back, abdomen, and thighs, etc. In rare cases, they may arise in internal organs, bones, or muscles. 

Around 2% world’s population is estimated to have lipomas, with most cases seen between 40-60 years on life. Male gender is more prone to develop lipomas than female gender.

The pathogenesis of these non-cancerous growths is still unclear. However, a certain factor such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and family history, etc. are proposed to increase the risk of lipoma formation in genetically predisposed individuals. The development of a lipoma usually takes years before they are noticeable over the skin.

A lipoma can range in size, with most being less than 5cm in diameter at their maximum growth. Fortunately, most lipomas are benign and do not pose any serious threat except cosmetic deformity and discomfort. However, rarely they might grow near major vessels or nerves, producing compression symptoms.

The management consists of observation and surgical process for Lipoma removals. However, this modality is associated with reoccurrence, aesthesia complications, and other surgical risks while going through Lipoma treatment. The expansive cost of this therapeutic modality also renders it an unfavorable option for many.

Luckily we have an alternative non-invasive, safe, affordable and at home solution to offer for the fatty lumps removals, that can also be easily carried out at home. Let us introduce you to the LIPOMA WAND, a compact portable ultrasound and far infrared device that provides lipoma treatment without surgery with visible results fairly quickly.

The lipoma wand with its ultrasound and far-infrared waves slowly ablates the fat cells present in the lipoma tissue. With continued use regularly, the size of the lipomas is bound to decrease significantly in size. This wand also comes with a self-heating jelly that amplifies its effectiveness. A best treatment for Lipoma!

Last but not the least, Lipoma Wand edges high over surgical removal as it is not only a more economical solution but, one that comes with no surgical complications or scars marks post-treatment. It also offers a reusable option in cases of lipoma reoccurrence and you will get Lipoma treatment at home!

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