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An Overview of Lipoma Removal Options

lipoma removals

If you are looking for getting rid of fatty lumps, many treatment options are available to provide an adequate cure.

Here we will briefly discuss the condition and various Lipoma removals options!

What is Lipoma?

According to research, it has been observed that most people experience a fatty lump over the body in their lifetime. This can be Lipoma. A lump of fatty tissue that grows under the skin. It is generally soft but can be firm and spongy too. A slight finger pressure is sometimes enough to move it from one direction to another.

A normal and healthy person can get Lipoma without any particular reason. However, some factors increase the possibility of getting Lipoma and one can also get multiple Lipoma in their lifetime. The family history of Lipoma can play an essential cause in developing fatty lumps in a person.

Is Lipoma Cancerous?

The clustered lump formed by the overgrowth of fat cells is benign and non-cancerous in general. Sometimes, other lumps get bumped under the skin resembling Lipoma that could be cancerous. For this reason, histological tissue analysis is done by the doctor to know the condition of the lump.

When does Lipoma Need to be Removed? 

Though Lipoma can be left alone when you are not distressed by its occurrence, there are many reasons people choose to get rid of Lipoma from the body.

Want to know? Have a look at some of them explained here!

  • You are annoyed with its ugly appearance
  • The growth of Lipoma has become evident
  • The fatty lumps have started causing soreness & tenderness
  • Lipoma in a sensitive area
  • To clinically analyze if it is Lipoma or not
  • Growth larger than usual

Small size Lipomas are simple to remove as compared to larger ones. Also, remember once it gets developed, it does not go away of its own. This is because it is a collection of fat cells.

Do Any Tests or Analyses Required Before the Removal Process?

It is possible to tell a Lipoma clinically before going for the surgical procedure. In case the lump is deep or large, a patient is suggested to have an ultrasound scan or MRI scan. These tests help to determine the depth of Lipoma.

What Happens During the Surgical Process? 

The patient’s skin overlying the Lipoma is anesthetized by using a local anesthetic injection. Post this, a cut is made of the size of Lipoma. The fatty lump gets removed and the wound is stiched together.

What are the Risks of Getting Lipoma Removed Through Surgery?

While surgery is the most recommended option, the risk & complications go hand in hand. A patient may have to undergo pain & suffering while undergoing a surgical procedure. There are risks of getting a scar over the treated area, infection & bleeding. Also, there is the possibility of Lipoma recurrence in which they can be cut out again.

A Lipoma that is close to the nerves can cause nerve damage leading to paralysis.

Is There any Non-Surgical Treatment for Lipoma Available?

The large size Lipoma can be reduced in size with a method known as Liposuction. Some home treatment options are proven to be effective in Lipoma removals and can be easily arranged at home.

Home Treatment for Lipoma

In case you are diagnosed with Lipoma, it is important to analyze the condition of the lump. Mild cases can be treated with some home treatment for Lipoma available. Options like turmeric, chickweed, flaxseed, sage, Thuja, and natural ointments can be used to treat Lipoma at home. As the occurrence of Lipoma is correlated to obesity, maintaining a healthy weight is suggested.

Living with Lipoma

Millions of people live with fatty lumps. They can be irritating and gives an ugly appearance to people but do not cause any problem. Lipoma generally doesn’t need treatment. In case it starts causing pain or you feel disturbed with its size or location, consulting your doctor is suggested.

What is the Best Lipoma Treatment?

When Lipoma bothers you in any way, removing Lipoma becomes necessary. Lipoma treatment at home is completely safe and effective offering a natural cure to the patients, which is the preferred choice for most of the patients.

Lipoma Wand is the new device introduced offering non-surgical treatment of Lipoma at your home. Just a rubbing session of 20-minutes of the rubbing session can deliver effective results. Lipoma can also be prevented by lowering the risk of developing Madelung’s disease by reducing the alcohol intake. Get rid of ugly and fatty Lipoma if it is troubling you in any way by consulting your health provider.

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