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Shrink the size of dog’s fatty lumps with lipoma natural treatment


A lipoma is a common benign mass that is solely made up of fat cells. While most of the Lipoma is located under the skin anywhere in the body, these fatty lumps can also occur in the visible areas like the chest, neck, shoulders, abdomen, forehead, and upper thighs.

Near about 16% of dogs get affected by the condition, with the probability of middle-aged to geriatric dogs getting more inclined towards it. Among these, fatty tumors are more found in obese female dogs and they are at higher risk.

A Brief about Lipoma in Dogs 

Lipomas are generally benign masses and are found non-cancerous. They don’t penetrate to other tissues and thus, there is no need felt for the fatty lumps removals and can be left alone. However, they can be proven ambiguous in other ways. In cases when they grow large enough than usual and start interfering with normal movement, or when they occur in unwieldy locations that gives an embarrassing look.

The exact cause of Lipoma is not known. As some breeds of dogs are overrepresented, there is the assumption of some genetic influence.

What are the Symptoms & Identification?

Lipoma can be typically present as a small lump or knot under your dog’s skin. About its appearance, it appears as haired, soft, and flexible to move through finger pressure. The texture can show variations and are exceptional.

Many dogs can also get more than one Lipoma on their body at once. Being a dog owner, you need to diagnose the condition of your pet by analyzing the fatty lump through a fine needle aspirant. This does not give accurate results though and only rescues a small number of cells.

Due to this reason, dog owners need to keep an eye on the mass for quick growth or any changes in its appearance. In case you feel any symptom or observe any strange lump on your pet’s body, get it checked by the doctor to know if it is Lipoma and what is the option for Lipoma treatment for your dog.


The vast majority of dog Lipomas are harmless, the surgical removal is only required when the growth becomes too large to cause soreness, deter normal movement, or impede body functions. However, biopsy with or without surgical removal is strongly advised for pets having fatty skin lumps.

If you choose a surgical procedure for the Lipoma treatment of your pet, you need to understand that these fatty lumps can prove unsettled post-operation and there are risks & complications related to the surgery. Due to this reason, veterinarians are now more preferred to go with Liposuction to get rid of ugly fatty lumps from the body. There are though high risks of re-growth rates of Lipoma post-surgery or Liposuction.

In addition to the surgery and liposuction process, there are steroid injections and other treatment options to be considered. A dog’s Lipoma will rarely become intrusive and in these cases, the fatty lumps removals process is advised.

Why Lipoma Natural Treatment is a Preferred Choice? 

The surgical process can be a costly option, especially given that these tumors have a high-degree of post-up complexities. Lipoma cannot be prevented and they occur more generally in overweight dogs. A good option to prevent or limit its size or number it by maintaining a healthy weight of your pets. The natural treatment is preferred due to the risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure.

Go For a Safe Lipoma Removal Process

The patients who don’t want to take surgery risks and go for a natural approach can try some home remedies like turmeric, chickweed, flaxseed, apple cider vinegar, and some natural ointments for getting rid of fatty lumps from the body. The home remedies don’t cost you much and offer a safe and natural cure to your pet.

There is a new approach introduced offering Lipoma treatment without surgery and can be used safely at home. Lipoma Wand offers a completely natural cure to reduce the look and feel of ugly fatty lumps. Rub the wand for 20-minutes over the affected area of your pet and the size will get reduced. You can shop the wand online from our website.

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