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How to Get Relief from Pain & Stress

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Many of us most of the time suffer from muscle pains or aches and search for the instant relief options to recover pain. Though the market is full of a variety of products now which claim to give relief. Zeta Technology Group has introduced cutting edge physical therapy products that provide relief from pain & stress. Zeta Discs are one of their products. It is considered as the best option for hot, cold & far infrared therapy. Let’s discuss it in detail.

What do Zeta Discs offer?

Zeta Discs is believed to help in the reduction of swelling, muscle aches & pains. Additionally, it can be used for getting relief from a tension headache, muscle spasms & surface bruising. Moreover, it is an effective alternative to the traditional heat & cold packs and helps in providing muscle pain and swelling relief at a quick rate. This stress relief product is completely safe for all ages and can be used for traditional hot & cold therapy, far-infrared therapy, stress relief, hand strengthening & many more problems.

Zeta Discs

How to use it?

A zeta disc comes in two sizes: one is 1” (small) and the other is 1.5” (large). The person suffering from pain can place several small discs around the knee or neck area. The large discs can be placed on the shoulder or back. These discs can be secured using a band-aid or medical tape.


Anybody would wonder what extraordinary this disc offer to make it useful. The question is conspicuous and the company offers various feature points to prove its efficiency. Its features can be divided into 2 categories and can be explained accordingly.

Comfort: How these discs provide comfort in use has various major points of clarification.

  1. The feel is completely natural on the skin
  2. Risk of burning skin gets reduced
  3. Not only satin, but it is also very thin & light
  4. Zeta disc is completely non-restrictive
  5. It is easily applied on any part of the skin, both individually or in multiples
  6. You can wear this under your clothes very easily.

Convenience: The next thing is how convenient is this Zeta Disc. Well, this also has its points to explain.

  1. You can use Zeta discs anytime & anywhere
  2. Both heating & chilling time of these discs is very less
  3. No pre-heating of this disc is required for far-infrared
  4. You can carry this disc anywhere very easily due to its portable nature
  5. You can wear it very easily and can secure it with simple tape, band-aid or any wrap
  6. No maintenance of this disc is required
  7. Follows apply & go process

Consistency: Addition to above this, this disc can be used or wore all day & night. Moreover, they radiate safely all the time without any interruption.

Use this new approach to therapy for a natural solution to pain or any stress. Order your disc today!

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