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Know About Natural At Home Lipoma Treatments

lipoma treatment

Lipomas impact millions of people each year. While there are invasive surgeries available to remove these pesky, fatty lumps, they come at high risks, costs, and pain. As members of the medical community, we are committed to shedding light on alternative, effective, and non-surgical lipoma treatments that take less of a toll on patients. 

Breaking Down Lipoma: What You Must Know

Lipomas are benign fatty tumors that grow slowly between your skin and muscles. They are rarely cancerous or painful, but they can be profoundly uncomfortable and unsightly depending on the size and location of your body. Lipomas range from 2-8 inches and can crop up anywhere on your body, though they frequently appear on the neck, shoulders, and torso. 

If you apply pressure, your lipoma will likely move a few inches in all directions—this a normal behavior for lipomas. 

Doctors do not understand why they develop, but some possible causes include obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, glucose intolerance, and liver disease. Lipomas also occur more frequently in those between the ages of 40-60 as well as those with genetic conditions like Gardner’s syndrome, Madelung’s disease, Cowden syndrome, and adiposis dolorosa. 

In whatever way they develop, scientists and doctors know that the patients are usually asymptomatic. If your lipoma is tremendously painful, get it tested to ensure that it isn’t something more serious. 

A Revolutionary Natural Lipoma Treatment Made For You

We are a group of dedicated medical professionals who have studied lipomas for a long time. We have spent years developing a revolutionary device that will change the way lipoma is treated.

The Lipoma Wand is a natural treatment for lipomas that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Our product is the only kind of scientific, natural treatment of lipomas. It uses advanced infrared and ultrasound technology to dissolve your lipoma as quickly as 30 minutes after use. 

You can continue to use the Lipoma Wand on any other lipomas that grow, which is good because 20% of those with lipoma will develop more over time. Our technology is an investment in your body and your bank account.  

The process is simple, painless, and convenient: apply the Lipolysis jelly to the affected area, rub the Lipoma Wand over the area thoroughly for 20 minutes, and then wait. You will see results quickly and avoid the months of doctor’s appointments and bills.  

There are other natural remedies and treatments available. Many natural medicine advocates encourage the use of turmeric ointments, chickweed and tea-based salves, and sage and flaxseed oil mix on affected areas. Additionally, they recommend eating organically and reducing red meat consumption. These methods are less likely to give you the instant, visible results of the Lipoma Wand. However, they can be used in conjunction with one another. 

We are here to help you look and feel your best. Remove your unsightly lipomas from your home at an affordable cost with the Lipoma Wand. 

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