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Lipoma Treatment: How to Remove Lipomas at Home During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic had caused a significant collapse in our economies and healthcare systems. Non-essential businesses, recreation spaces, and doctor’s offices are all shut down until further notice. These conditions leave those suffering from lipoma without many treatment options for the foreseeable future. 

What is Lipoma? 

A lipoma is a fatty lump that develops just under your skin and on top of your muscle layer. They are slow-growing and generally benign, meaning that lipomas are not cancerous. They can crop up all over your body but often appear on your neck, back, shoulders, abdomen, and thighs. Many are not painful but will continue to grow over time if not treated in some capacity. Even more importantly, they can become quite uncomfortable and painful for some people.  

There are no known causes of lipoma, though they often appear in people between the ages of 40-60. 

What are the available treatments for lipoma? 

While it is important to have a doctor diagnose your lipoma and ensure that it is not cancerous, they will likely suggest surgery. There are certainly risks involved with the surgical treatment route. Patients who undergo lipoma removal surgery are at risk of infection, pockets of fluid build-up, scars, and other cosmetic issues. Additionally, operations are often expensive and impossible to schedule right now in this current world climate.

Try the Lipoma Wand

No matter where your lipoma is on your body, they are unsightly, annoying, and unsettling. Our nonsurgical lipoma treatment has never been more helpful during this time of quarantine. It is one of the best treatments for lipoma available, and the only one on the market. The lipoma wand is an excellent investment for those dealing with this condition because 20% of those who have one lipoma develop more. The Lipoma Wand can be used for years to come on any other lipoma that forms on your body. 

Created by pioneers in the medical industry, the lipoma wand is a homeopathic, natural remedy that is a less painful, more affordable, and more accessible alternative to surgery. It is a revolutionary innovation for the millions of people struggling with lipoma day in and day out. 

The Lipoma Wand works seamlessly and painlessly to remove your unwanted lipomas from the comfort of your own home. The process is simple: rub the natural oil around the treatment area, rub the wand over and around your lipoma for 20 minutes, and wait. The size of your lipomas will shrink and disappear shortly after. Many people see results in 30 minutes. There are no side effects, scarring, or longterm health effects. 

Make the most out of your time at home. Remove your uncomfortable lipomas and come out of quarantine looking at feeling your absolute best without insane medical fees, physical pain, or any inconvenience. 

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