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Quick facts about Lipoma and its removal at home


What actually Lipoma is?

Lipoma are ovals and rounds that look ugly when not treated and even get bigger by the time. Undoubtedly, it gives no pain when in small size but it may increase infection in your body parts where ever it occurs. This ugly fat tissue generally occurs on neck, chest, forearms and stomach. Generally, this is a white mass which grows underneath your skin and they are usually less than 3 inches in size and lasts up to 7.5 cm wide. Normally, a person bears one Lipoma at a time but it can appear many in some cases. You should not worry more when its harmless or small in size but the chances of risk increases when it affects the look of your body and irritates you. There is no certain reasons why Lipoma occurs on human body but if you have Lipoma family illness history then that can also affect you once in a life time and more over one person is affected among 1000 people. The great news is that Lipoma treatment at home is possible. In critical situation, patient can prefer surgical treatment to cure from Lipoma.

Diagnoses of Lipoma;

Lipoma has noticeable features as it can be easily diagnosed at home.  This is possible when it is:

  • Soft and fatty tissue on your skin
  • Can be moved with a slight finger pressure
  • Slow growth
  • Small in size
  • Non-painful and non-cancerous

Additionally, if a person feels pain in Lipoma and wants to diagnose it medically then he can visit to a doctor. There are diagnostic tests available in the market such as biopsy, X-rays, CT scan and even MRI. These are the best lab tests which patient needs to consider before going for his treatment.

Quick Facts about Lipoma:

  • Lipoma is not a cancer.
  • It is harmless but its look can irritate you.
  • Women are more affected from Lipoma than men.
  • It can be appear anywhere on your body.
  • It can be one or more in numbers.
  • Most likely to appear on your neck ,chest, forearms and stomach.
  • Middle aged women group experience Lipoma more than any other age and sex.
  • Rarely found in children.
  • sometimes by generally pressing it can be gone.
  • Otherwise with the help of home remedies, Lipoma can be cured effectively.
  • Lipoma can leave a scar on your body when it gets vanished.
  • In some cases, surgeons perform operation and make your skin scar-less.
  • Liposuction and steroid injections are some other options of Lipoma removal.

Here are some relieving from scar options or Lipoma treatment without surgery remedies with precautions for you….

  1. Sage: Sage plant is an effective home remedy and the best option to treat Lipoma without surgery or at home. Just apply it on the affected area and soon it dissolves the fatty tissue which was tending to form Lipoma. You can choose this sage plant to treat Lipoma naturally at home.
  2. Turmeric: Turmeric has the anti-inflammatory and fighting against the tissue problem properties. It is a herbal remedy that helps in diminishing fatty tissue formation naturally and easily available in at homes.
  3. Diet Changes: Overweight can form fatty tissues in your skin and bring Lipoma on your body parts. Avoid consuming junk food and perform light weighted exercises at your home which will keep you away from such diseases and even Lipoma. Maintain a healthy life style and bring changes in your diet to diminish Lipoma occurring factors.
  4. Lipoma Wand: Lipoma wand is also a natural way to treat Lipoma at home. Lipoma wand promotes Lipoma treatment without surgery. This is a portable and handy affordable device that works effectively on your affected skin. Just 20-30 minutes therapy session is enough to diminish your fatty tissue area. This product comes with a combo like a wand, tape and its jelly. You can try this modern approach for treating Lipoma at home naturally.
  5. Surgical Treatment Option: If the above treatment options do not work on your fatty tissue then definitely surgical treatments are must to take. Your doctor may suggest you to take Lipoma removal surgery. For mild pain symptoms, he may suggest you for steroid injections. Otherwise, with the help of surgery your Lipoma problem can be fixed permanently.


Overall, Lipoma is a curable disease and can be treated naturally at home and even with the help of surgical treatments. But it can be treated naturally at home with the help of home remedies but when it gives you pain then you should definitely choose surgical treatment above all. However, maintaining good weight and diet helps to reduce its occurringchances. Also, there is portable handy Lipoma Wand which works effectively in its removal.

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