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Types of Lipoma and its Natural Treatment

What is Lipoma?

A Lipoma is a non-cancerous tumor that grows underneath the skin. It is a fatty mass that gradually grows and covers the body part. Lipoma grows in deeper tissues of the body part. The age group of 40-60 is commonly affected by this problem. However, in rare cases, it may affect any age group. There is little possibility of its being cancer-causing disease. When Lipoma increases larger size and become painful then there is a must to diagnose it. After that, it is your choice to prefer Lipoma treatment without surgery or with surgery.

Types of Lipoma

Generally, Lipoma is a fatty mass but if we diagnose it in the lab. Then, there are various subtypes of Lipoma appear under the microscope. Here are the various types of Lipoma.

  1. Conventional Lipoma:

This is a common type of Lipoma. People generally suffer from this. Although, it’s a mature white mass that grows underneath your skin.

  1. Fibro Lipoma:

This is a type of Lipoma with fat plus fibrous tissue. A fibrous tissue is also known as dense connective tissue.

  1. Angio Lipoma

In this Lipoma, Lipoma grows with fatty mass but also holds a large number of blood vessels. This can look awkward and may be painful and bloody when dissolved.

  1. Hibernoma Lipoma:

In this Lipoma, you may experience brown fat instead of usual white fat. Brown fat is found when we compress this Lipoma type.

  1. Spindle Cell Lipoma:

You may found fat with cells that look like rods in your skin. This is a rare type of Lipoma.

  1. Pleomorphic Lipoma:

In this Lipoma type, fat with cells of all different sizes and shapes can be found. This Lipoma type holds various-sized cells.

Causes of Lipoma

There are not certain reasons for Lipoma. But yet, body fat and Lipoma family history can cause fatty lumps in your body. Definitely,

  1. Conventional,
  2. Pleomorphic,
  3. Spindle cell

These three types of Lipoma may be inherited from family members. One more reason for Lipoma is the chemical or radiation effect on our body part. This may cause Lipoma.

Types of Natural Lipoma Treatment:

  1. Softly Pressed:

Lipoma is a type of soft and rubbery tissue. It can be gone by just pressing it normally. However, it depends upon the size and type of Lipoma.

  1. Thuja Occidentalis:

Thuja Occidentalis has properties to defeat Lipoma. Advocates of natural healing suggest that it could be effective on Lipoma. So, you can try this herbal remedy at home to cure Lipoma.

  1. Lipoma Wand:

Lipoma Wand is a natural treatment of Lipoma. This product has effective results in treating Lipoma. If you rub this product for 20 minutes on your Lipoma then you would notice the removal of fatty lump. This is a  very easy-to-use device for treating Lipoma.

  1. Turmeric;

The magic spice of turmeric can heal your Lipoma. You can apply the turmeric pack to your fatty lump. Also, put the bandage on it and remove it after some time.  For sure, you will feel its healing affect on your Lipoma.


Above are the natural treatment options for Lipoma but when your Lipoma is bigger in size and painful. Then, doctor’s recommendation is a must. Maybe, you would have to go for Lipoma’s surgical treatment. Then, the surgical procedure will remove your Lipoma with a short surgery. Local anesthesia will be injected into your body before surgery. But before preferring surgical treatment, you should first try these natural treatments for Lipoma.


Lipoma is a curable disease. Generally, it is small in size and non-painful. This can be easily cured with the help of natural and herbal remedies. Lipoma Wand provides a quick and effective solution to treat Lipoma. It is a very easy-to-use product. Also, the Thuja Occidentalis and turmeric are easy homemade solutions for fatty lump removal. These natural options offer Lipoma treatment without surgery. But, When Lipoma is painful and bigger in size then surgical treatment is advised to take.

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The lipoma wand is considered one of the best and cheapest home remedies for the treatment of lipomas or fatty tumors. This wand helps disperse fatty tissue in a very safe, painless and effective way.

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