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What are Lipomas and why do they Form


Have you noticed any strange lumps forming on some part of your body, sticking out like knobs but not really causing pain or suffering? Chances are that a lipoma that has managed to grow under your skin. Many people see lipomas and begin to worry immediately, but they are harmless in most cases. However, nobody really likes a strange lump on any part of the body, no matter how harmless it may be!

What Are Lipomas?

Lipomas are generally fat growths or fat lumps that often find their way between the skin and the underlying layer of muscle beneath it. They are essentially just an overgrowth of fat cells. Lipomas can be easily identified as benign tumors by most competent doctors and are typically harmless as they are non-cancerous growths. Lipomas usually feel soft to the touch and may move when slight pressure is applied to them.

Most people claim lipomas to be harmless, but lipomas can look ugly, cause pain, and grow quite large in size; thus, people tend go for Lipoma treatment. Products like the Lipoma Wand have gotten tremendous recognition over the years for reducing the size of lipomas and easing the discomfort that may be associated with them.

Why do Lipomas Form?

Doctors are still quite conflicted about why lipomas form.

  • Lipomas are sometimes considered to be genetic, and inheritance of faulty genes from one or both parents can cause lipomas to grow. This may be called familial multiple lipomatosis.
  • Medical conditions like Gardner’s Syndrome, Cowden Syndrome, Madelung’s Disease, and adiposis dosolora can promote the growth of lipomas.
  • Some physical trauma or injury to a certain part of the body can cause lipomas to grow as a result of impact to the area.

Lipomas may grow on any part of the body, most commonly on the shoulders, chest, neck, thighs, and armpits. 

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