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What are the complications associated with Lipoma?


What happens if a Lipoma is not treated?

Lipomas are not only ugly to look at, but if they grow too large in size, they pose as a hindrance to activities, be painful, and generally be uncomfortable to live with. 

Leaving a Lipoma to go untreated: 

In most cases, Lipomas need not be treated as stated in Mayo Clinic as they mostly stay benign and harmless to us if not aggravated. However, in some cases, they pose complications and become serious if not treated. Possible complications of Lipomas are:

  • Limited Movement if Lipoma is in Critical Position:

Moving around or physical activities may become difficult with Lipomas if the Lipoma develops on the hands, feet, or legs of the patient. Lipomas are heavy and can act as weights on the body, constantly straining our muscles. Because of the added weight, physical activities become difficult and cause a lot of distress if the patient tries to exercise or go for a run. In some cases, generally moving around can also be difficult.  

  • Pain, especially if it is Pressing on Nerves:

There is no doubt that Lipomas cause a lot of pain the larger they grow, especially if they are in a position where they are pushing down on nerves. Larger Lipomas may hang like weights on the body; they may cause pain in the area if the patient tries to move around with a lump of fat on the body.

  • Cancer is extremely Rare:

Since Lipomas are generally benign tumors, it is possible they may be a sign of worse case scenarios. Though very rare, some of these benign Lipoma tumors may contain cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. It is extremely rare but possible that a lipoma may become cancerous over time, as said by Cleveland Clinic causing Liposarcoma.

Lipoma treatment is almost always advised with a natural lipoma treatment method.

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