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Know about Lipoma and the need of its removal

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Are Lipomas permanent?

Lipomas may be noticeable and grab attention, while in some cases, they are small and confined enough to stay hidden. 

Lipomas do not pose a threat to us, but they can grow to be a nuisance in many cases if they do not receive Lipoma treatment.

Can Lipomas be Permanent?

A lot of people with Lipomas ask whether they are permanent or require Lipoma removals.

  • According to EverydayHealth, Lipomas are slow-growing lumps of fat, which may take months or even years to grow. They grow slowly, but they may continue to grow over a period of time if they are left alone without any interventions.
  • In some cases, they may stay small and miniscule in size, even smaller than 1 inch. If a Lipoma treatment is not applied, they may continue to grow, perhaps as big as 8 inches and pose many problems for the affected individual in the form of pain or hindrance in movement.

This brings us to the conclusion that because Lipomas continue to grow, although very slowly, if fatty lumps removal is not applied to the Lipoma, it is a guarantee that the Lipoma will be permanent.

 In some cases, permanent Lipomas, if not properly dealt with, may keep on growing to form huge fatty lumps and become a general nuisance to live with.

Since Lipomas are permanent, treatment is essential. While most people think Lipomas can only be removed through surgery, Lipoma treatment without surgery has become quite popular, and a lot of people are opting for Lipoma removal naturally.

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