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What is the need for Lipoma Treatment?

need for lipoma

Why should you have your lipoma checked out by a doctor?

Lipomas are benign masses, and once it has been diagnosed, most people elect to leave it since there is usually no harm in doing so. However, some circumstances might warrant that you get your doctor to review your lipoma again.


A liposarcoma is a malignant growth in your fat tissues. Whereas lipomas are benign (non-cancerous) in nature, liposarcomas are not. You must let a doctor evaluate you and decide if the lump you have can be left alone or if further workup is recommended.

Growth or change

If you notice that your lipoma is growing rapidly in size, or if you see that newer lipomas are forming, it might be beneficial for you to consult a doctor for Lipoma removals. Noticing changes in the characteristics of your lipoma may be concerning. For example, if the skin around it starts getting involved, its consistency or texture starts to change, or if it starts to harden, you should consult a doctor.

Other developments

Although lipomas are benign by nature and histology (cellular makeup), they might be malignant by location. This means that while they may not be inherently dangerous, their location makes them dangerous to their wellbeing. For example, if you have a large lipoma on an internal organ that is pressing on it and causing some functional issues, it is a concern and there is a need of Lipoma treatment. A common manifestation of this is lipomas in your stomach or intestines causing an obstruction and leading to pain, bloating, and constipation.

Although most lipomas do not indicate the need for any medical intervention, it is better to let a licensed healthcare professional make that decision and consider whether you need to wait and watch or if any immediate intervention is required for fatty lump removals.

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