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Get To Know What Causes Lipoma To Hurt?

lipoma causes

Why do lipomas hurt sometimes?

Pain can be a symptom of lipomas; however, it is not common. The ones that are painful are often reported due to the application of pressure which makes fatty lump removals required.


The lipomas that are most often painful are known as angiolipomas. These differ from other lipomas by having a very extensive proliferation of small blood vessels in them, which is why they often present with pain or tenderness. Angiofibromas are the same as lipomas histologically, as they are benign growths of fatty tissue while being encapsulated with a lot of blood vessels as well. 

Angiolipomas can be infiltrative or non-infiltrative types depending on whether they infiltrate any deeper than the skin layers into the soft tissue and underlying fascia. The non-infiltrative kind of angiolipomas are more commonly associated with pain.

Nerve impingement

Lipomas are often present on the arms and cause little to no symptoms outside of cosmetic issues. Ones that are larger in size or any lipomas that are present in different locations deeper in the body may impinge on nerves and cause inflammation or irritation of the nerves. Lipomas can form in any area where fat tissues reside, such as around organs or in the deeper fascia of the body. If a lipoma is pressing on a nerve, it may cause pain or burning.

Dercum’s Disease

Dercum’s disease is a dermatological condition characterized by painful lipomas and subcutaneous plaques. This disease occurs more in women than in men and has been linked to obesity and stress. This is a relatively rare condition, and if a lipoma is painful, it is more likely due to the other reasons stated above.

All these reasons make Lipoma removals an essential option for the patients. The pain and discomfort caused due to fatty lumps leads to Lipoma treatment.

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