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How Lipoma gets treated?

best treatment for lipoma

Can Lipomas heal on their own?

Waiting for a Lipoma to go away by itself is not ideal as it may continue to grow slowly and progressively become larger or more painful with time.

Do Lipomas Go Away by themselves?

This is a frequently asked question as many people do not want to undergo a surgical procedure or liposuction to remove a potentially harmless and rather small lump of fat growing on their bodies. They choose to let it sit there in hopes that it will heal on its own.
Lipomas do not go away by themselves, and it is likely that they will continue their slow growth and progress, perhaps posing a threat in the long run.  
However, there are some natural cures that may attempt to treat Lipomas with minimal effort and cost.

Lipoma Treatment at Home:

Surgical treatment for Lipomas is often thought to be the only process to permanently get rid of Lipomas; a lot of research is being done into Lipoma removal without surgery:

  • Herbs and Plant-based Treatment:

Healthline states that natural cure in the form of plant-based or herb-based treatment may effectively get rid of Lipomas. A study suggests that a white cedar tree, which helps to get rid of warts, may also be effectively used to get rid of Lipomas. Indian frankincense is also known to be an anti-inflammatory which can work on Lipoma removals.

  • Lipoma Wand:

Lipoma treatment at home is also suggested to be done through the Lipoma Wand, which makes use of a new, but rather effective, method in which the fatty tissues making up the lipoma are simply dispersed, resulting in smooth, scar-less skin without any of the costs and risks of surgeries and injections. 

Although Lipoma treatment may not take place on its own, natural cures can be applied through minimal effort and damage. 

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