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What are the possibilities a person gets a Lipoma?

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Lipoma statistics

Lipomas may develop to become large in size and annoying to live with. Larger Lipomas may push down on nerves causing pain or may restrict movement. Lipomas are also noticeable and may dictate wardrobe choices.

What are the chances you will get a Lipoma?

Knowing the facts and figures about a Lipoma may ease some of your worries if you think you may fall victim to this fatty lump. Cleveland Clinic states some statistics for Lipomas :

  • The chances of developing a Lipoma are 1 in 1000, which means 1 out of 1000 people are likely to grow a Lipoma on their body.
  • Lipomas are generally singular, and an affected person may normally only have 1 throughout their life. 
  • About 20% of the affected people may have more than 1 Lipomas growing on their bodies. 
  • Lipomas do not generally differentiate by age and can occur at any time.
  • Risks of Lipomas may increase between the ages of 40 and 60. 
  • Some people are born with Lipomas on their bodies.
  • An NCBI study states that about 2-3% of people inherit Lipomas through genetics.
  • People who are generally obese or suffer from hyperlipidemia or diabetes mellitus are likely to develop a Lipoma.
  • Lipomas occur more in males than in females on average. 
  • If someone has received a direct impact or hit on a certain part of the body, the chances of accumulation of adipose tissue or the formation of a Lipoma increase in that area. 

Generally, Lipoma treatment is not pursued by many people. Lipomas can cause joint pains and become ugly. To prevent risks, non-surgical treatments of Lipomas have become quite popular with Lipoma removal at home playing a bigger role.

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